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Pet Health Club

Albert Cottage is proud to offer Pet Health Club to all its dog, cat and rabbit clients! This is a money saving preventative health scheme, aiming to help you budget and spread the cost of your pet’s essential routine health care.


  • All vaccination courses or annual boosters
  • Kennel cough vaccination (dogs only)
  • Microchip (or £10 voucher if already microchipped)
  • 6 monthly veterinary health check
  • All yearly flea and worming treatment (annual flystrike
    prevention for rabbits)
  • 20% off neutering
  • Cost-price non-prescription food with 50% off your first bag of food
  • 25% off Royal Canin and Hills prescription food
  • 10% pet shop sales
  • 20% off selected lifetime care medications
  • Annual in-house urine test (including Katkor collection cat litter)
  • 2 nail clips per year
  • 10% off dental treatment
  • 10% pet passport
  • 10% off geriatric blood screen
  • 100% off insurance claims administration fee

It is important to note that this is not an insurance policy. Insurance is designed to cover the costs of tests and treatments when your pet becomes unwell or injured. The Pet Health Club covers preventative healthcare to help keep your pet happy and healthy!


Rabbit £7.50
Cat £12.50
Small Dog (under 10kg) £12.50
Medium Dog (10-25g) £13.50
Large Dog (25-40g)


Giant Dog (over 40kg) £20.00

Any additional pets pay £1 less per month

For full terms and conditions and further detail visit:

For further information and to join the club please contact Albert Cottage on: 01752 843397

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