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FAQs /Useful Owner Information

If you are worried about the health of your pet please telephone Albert Cottage. However general heathcare advice is useful for new pet owners or as a reminder of advisable routine checks.

Things you need to know for your Puppy
Things you need to know for your Rabbit

Pets undergoing operations
If your pet is booked in for an operation at Albert Cottage you will need to bring them into the surgery between 8.30-9.00am on the morning of their operation. For dogs and cats, please do not feed them after 7pm the night before and remove the water bowl when you get up in the morning. Rabbits and other small mammals do not need to be starved. We will discuss everything with you and answer any of your questions when you arrive. To minimise stress, dogs and cats are kennelled separately and we will aim to get them home to you as soon as possible. For a detailed list about all medications please look on the Pets page.

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